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Kevin Durant and Lebron James take a break from Team USA Practice. July 11, 2012

It’s been a full year since I last wrote on this. Why the absence? Truthfully I lost my creative desire to write after last years NBA Finals. Although I hate the Heat, I actually wanted them to win; last year…Instead we saw a Mavericks squad full of 30+ year old veterans beat the Heat on both sides of the ball. In the words of my brother @omiv21 “Bad Form.” Moving on, much respect goes out to this years Heat squad who defeated a Oklahoma City Thunder team in 5 games en route to their 2nd NBA title in franchise history. For those keeping score at home, Wade 2-3, Lebron 1-3 (no pun intended). OKC, who had every right to contend for an NBA title despite sometimes bias officiating and their streaky shooting down the stretch came up just short. But if anybody was going to beat them it would be the Heat. So be it, there will be rematch(s).

It’s summer and to some of us, this becomes a time of the year in which we call the worst three months in sports entertainment. Pick your poison, you got golf, tennis, soccer, women’s basketball, NASCAR oh, and don’t forget billiards. Awesome! now you have some time to get outside and get some much needed physical activity. In other cases we’re not exactly out of luck. It’s one of those years. You know, the ones that only come every 4 years. Thank God for the Olympics. And USA basketball who promises to fill the void for deprived basketball fans everywhere. If you haven’t had a chance to see USA’s first three scrimmages against Great Britain, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, please, don’t miss any more games…Click Here for the USA Basketball schedule.

Last but not least the NBA Summer League which I won’t be covering this year. You can catch all the games on NBA TV and the highlights on nba.com but either way, you’re not missing much. But stay tuned, there will be more NBA news and coverage to come. And if this is your first time checking out the site, I would like to welcome you to Free Throws, NBA news, debates and conversation. Feel free to comment and/or join the conversation on Twitter. Follow me @Coach_Vick

Have a great weekend! Be safe


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