Shooting Two: The New York Knicks

So, let’s talk about the Knicks, yes I said it the Knicks. Let’s just start off by saying that their off season has been anything but a summer vacation. Everyone give it up for James Dolan (Owner of the Knicks). Nobody? Alright, moving on. So far this off season the New York Knicks organization have made sports headlines in ways that would make you say “C’mon Son.” (S/O to @MrEdLover) So, here’s your two shots.

1. Jeremy Lin wins divorce settlement with first love; the New York Knicks

Something tells me that the Knicks who failed to match the Houston Rockets 3 year, $25 Million offer for Lin Tuesday are going to feel it in the long run. Was he worth it? it’s hard to say, he played in 35 NBA games as a Knick, most of which were without Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire and averaged decent numbers but best of all he sold tickets!! Lots of them. Looking back to last year, Melo and Amare going down mid-season may have been the best thing that could have ever happened for New York. With Lin in the lineup, they found a way to weather a storm of mid-season injuries. At best, it was a temporary fix. Melo came back, things were not the same. But don’t blame Lin for that, All He Does Is Lin (Props to @djsteveporter) For the Knicks, Linning was a lot easier than winning and for a franchise that sold the leagues most expensive tickets last season, it made sense. They knew exactly what they had. The best seat in town: “Come see the 6’3″ Asian sensation from Harvard tear it up on the NBA hardwood.” Easy, now pay up (Cha-Ching!) Ha, no comment. But now they have to win. It’s a win, or you shouldn’t have traded Lin kinda deal. And all eyes will be on the successes and/or failures of New York and Houston. Hoping that the divorce between Lin and the Knicks is justified by #7 playing poorly, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone but next time you see a Knick fan ask them what they think.
2. Oh Point Guard Troubles…

So you’re the Knicks, you bring in Jason Kidd. Can you hear me now? Good. You re-sign Steve Novak. Good. You trade away some role players for Raymond Felton, Kurt Thomas and you pick up Marcus Camby…There’s some things money can’t buy, but for everything else there’s a refund. Raymond Felton, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby have one thing in common. They all played for the Knicks at one point in their careers. Raymond was good for 54 games two seasons ago, Kurt for 7 seasons and Camby for 4. I honestly don’t know how much Kurt and Camby can help, they’re easily pushing 40, but there’s no doubt Felton can fill the void for a Mr. Jeremy Lin. So look, you have Jason Kidd, and now Raymond Felton. Then you have two free agents in Baron Davis and Mike Bibby. What do you do with them? Kick ’em like you kicked Lin? Well, for one, they aren’t worth very much anymore..can somebody say scout team? Think, if we went back about six years, J. Kidd, Bibby and Davis were all killing! But it’s 2012 and Raymond Felton has the most run left in him by far. Plus, all these guys are average anyway, start Iman Shumpert.

– I’ve been a Nets fan all my life. So you can understand why I admire Jason Kidd. We understood his divorce troubles from back in the golden days but seeing him get arrested for a DWI was really surprising. I thought I knew the guy, I mean if you asked me, I didn’t think J. Kidd drank at all. A consummate professional is what we called him. Still, respect game. Hall of Famer no doubt, triple-double machine. NBA Champion.

– #2 Landry Fields! Of all people, how could you let HIM go? Solid starter, all around player, young and fun off the court. What more could you ask for? I mean they let Lin go for almost 30Mil but 19 for Fields over three years don’t sound too bad. Guess the sticker price was too much for Mr. Dolan. Therefore Fields is a Raptor and with Toronto sharing the Atlantic division with New York, we’ll be seeing plenty of him. I think they’ll clap when he comes back to the Garden.

My neighbors are doing fireworks at as I write happy July 21st. Goodnight.


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