Dwight Howard, The Lakers & The Craziest NBA Off-Season Ever

Just as we were beginning to get used to all the moves this off-season had to offer, four more teams stepped up and made trades we could have never imagined. Over rumors we never heard.  But there was one thing were sure about. Somebody from Orlando was on the move. And among all the trade-rumors and talks we heard a sound all too familiar. Superman theme music had taken over the airways again. There he was, Dwight “Clark Kent” Howard took off from Orlando, but this time it was for good.

Late Thursday night sources announced that the LA Lakers had become home to yet another superstar; Superman. Thank God that the Dwight Howard edition of Entertainment Tonight is over. I don’t hate Dwight but I have utter dislike for that show. Moving on. Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum and Andre Iguodala became headliners in a four-team trade that have the Orlando Magic rebuilding again. Here’s the details, props to NBA.com

  • “Orlando sent center Dwight Howard, guard Chris Duhon and forward Earl Clark to the L.A. Lakers and guard Jason Richardson to Philadelphia. The Lakers sent center Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia and forward Josh McRoberts, forward Christian Eyenga and a 2017 first-round draft pick to Orlando. Philadelphia sent forward Andre Iguodala to Denver and forward Moe Harkless, center Nikola Vucevic and an undisclosed first-round draft pick to the Magic. Denver sent guard Arron Afflalo, forward Al Harrington and the lower of its 2014 first-round draft picks to the Magic.” (NBA.com)

– Lets start with the Lakers. LA has come a long way since last season. One in which we saw them ship off two starters from their back-to-back championship run back in 2009 and 2010. Getting rid of Lamar Odom and later Derek Fisher last year was devastating. You have probably the most decorated player in past decade in Kobe Bryant and you trade away two of his best friends. What kind of managing player personnel is that? And to make matters worse Phil Jackson, the only coach Kobe’s ever known retires. Say goodbye to the triangle. No literally. But with the addition of Dwight and Steve Nash I can see it coming back together. For a championship? Who knows, with everyone healthy they would have a whole checkers set of pieces. We couldn’t say that this past season, shoot, we couldn’t recognize hardly any players on the bench! “Is that..Devin Ebanks? Ohh, oh I remember him..” Stuff like that. But I’ll take my chances with Howard anchoring the purple and gold down low. A few years ago, Dwight practically made it to the Finals by himself; With the help of about eight 3 point shooters but the Lakers took that to the bank. However, the situation in LA looks good; For the Clippers too. Don’t sleep.

Some people have questioned what kind of offense Mike Brown is going to configure with all his new toys. Earlier this summer Kobe commented on the possibility of running the Princeton offense. Kobe really, in the NBA? Probably not. The quick answer is who cares, you’ve got veterans everywhere and the most dominant big in the game today. Look at all of the Championship Laker teams, it’s the Laker-Way. You ever notice how rookies who are drafted to the Lakers hardly EVER play? Haha yeah, vets only. It’s like that, and it’s worked for them. Just count the banners..you’ll probably fall asleep in the process.

– The Magic – “Oops we did it again.” They had the best big-man in the league and traded him away; twice, both times to the Lakers. Shaq made the same trip from Orlando to Los Angeles almost twenty years ago. 3 rings later, nuff said. The Magic haven’t won a championship since..well, forever. And Dwight was their only hope. For a guy who smiles  about 120% of the time, you’d think keeping him happy would be easy. Not quite, I guess Orlando didn’t have what it took to keep the happiness flowing. I bet he’ll have more fun in LA. Shaq did, for a while..On the upside, they do receive first-round picks from each of the participating teams while acquiring Moe Harkless (Rookie selected 15th overall by PHI), Nikola Vucevic, Josh McRoberts and Christian Eyenga. There’s some names you hear everyday.

As for everyone else, we’ll be watching. Andrew Bynum was practically born in a Laker uniform but seeing him as the centerpiece for his hometown Philadelphia 76ers will be a first. Congrats to Denver for stealing Andre Iguodala. A guy like that may have been exactly what they were missing in their lineup. He’s solid, consistent and hey, a Gold medalist.


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