The Fall, The Rise: Derrick Rose

Both Derrick Rose and the Adidas team wants to make sure you didn’t forget about them. With this clip and many more to come from their latest documentary series called “The Return.” It’s clear, D-Rose is planning to make a strong comeback from his ACL tear injury in April. The same ACL injury bug that hit promising players like Ricky Rubio and Iman Shumpert last season. Why so many you ask? Some people say it was because of the lockout. Blaming it on short-lived training camps that rushed players into a shortened 66 game schedule. Assuming players hadn’t been in as good shape as they could be. I believe that’s only half the story, the other half being bad luck. Three young players with mountains of potential, just really bad timing.

There’s no fragile icon under Derrick Rose. He’s a strong dude with a strong game. Coming off a season in which we saw him earn MVP honors, an injury was the last thing we saw coming for the 23 year-old Chicago native. The Bulls suffered in the playoffs because of it, but there’s no one to blame. The only thing Chicago and Rose can do is hope for a strong recovery. And as explosive as he was. A miracle. It looks like he’s working hard to make that happen. I hope Derrick and the Bulls return this season in top-form. Somebody’s gotta beat the Heat. Plus, they were quite fun to watch.

Derrick Rose is officially on Twitter.

Follow him @drose


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