Timeout: The San Antonio Spurs

The fact that the Heat beat the Spurs earlier today has very little to do with how dominant San Antonio has been all season. To be specific they managed to defeat the ageless wonders 88-86 by way of a late Chris Bosh three-pointer with just a second left on the clock. Impressive? Yes. Convincing? Not so much. Although Wade and Lebron were watching from the sidelines, role players Ray Allen, Norris Cole and Mike Miller combined for a 39 point output next to Bosh’s 23. (When was the last time that happened) So big deal, the Heat won a low scoring game by way of a game winner without 2 of their superstars. And lets not forget Manu Ginobli was watching from the sidelines as well due to a nagging hamstring injury. Enough about today’s game. I think the most amazing thing about the San Antonio Spurs is how they have managed to maintain the top spot in the west at (55-18) seemingly doing so under the radar.

The last time we heard about the Spurs was back in November when David Stern sanctioned Coach Greg Popovich and the Spurs for leaving the big “old-three” in San Antonio to rest before a regular season game versus the Heat in Miami. Let’s not even get into that. A commissioner telling a coach how to conduct his team is simply out of order. Imagine Roger Goodell telling Jerry Jones or Jason Garett how to run the Cowboys..Please. Save your breath, with Miami’s roster at full strength they beat the Spurs by 5. So why haven’t we heard anything about the Spurs other than “they’re good”. Because there isn’t much reporters can say other than “The Spurs won. Again.” How? They have arguably the best run franchise in pro basketball. It seems like everything is in order. All the way down to their D-League affiliate known as the Austin Toros. San Antonio is the model for what every NBA franchise should try to emulate. They have had a great long-term coach, they were fortunate to draft franchise players and a Hall of Famer. 4 Championships later and they’re still here, knocking for another and nothing has changed. They will play anyone, anywhere. If you like to run they’ll run you right out of the gym. If you want to play slow they will beat you one possession at a time. This is why the statement remains to be “San Antonio is good, real good”. They are not perfect though, I believe Oklahoma City can match them if they were to meet again in the playoffs. But other than that I think that list will remain to be a short one with just OKC. The Clippers can play, the Nuggets can play too but I don’t see either of these two beating the Spurs in 7. The season is winding down and with the top seed in the west it’s safe to say that the Spurs will be preparing themselves for a long playoff run. Does David Stern spank the Spurs again for sitting their stars? Or do the old-three fake injuries in practice to save their legs. Who knows, at the end of the day we’re all outsiders looking in. Have you ever played in an NBA game? Me neither, frankly we don’t know much of anything. But the Spurs are real so shut up and watch.


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