Kevin Durant: 2nd Place

The fact that Sports Illustrated went ahead and put Kevin Durant’s 2nd Place cry on their most recent issue could not have come at a more appropriate time. He’s managed to garner positive publicity through the course of his successful career in the NBA. At 6 foot 10, the 24-year-old Kevin Durant happens to be extremely marketable. His first movie Thunderstruck debuted last year and he’s also made his bucks on television appearing in as many commercials as say Lebron James or Dwyane Wade. On camera, his natural demeanor can be easily perceived as humor and likeness. Which he often portrays in nonchalant-fashion. On the court his dominance and finesse leave a lot to be admired. At his height and size he possesses all the skills of a much shorter player. And although by our standards he has been extremely successful both on and off the court, he seems to think otherwise. Suggesting that he’s done being no. 2. God bless him, he’s made it this far. From high school, to college, to league and most recently NBA superstar, in just his sixth year in the league. It’s still isn’t enough for Kevin. He’s a hungry, humble D.C. kid who simply wants more. But it’s not praise KD is looking for, I think he just want’s to be the best. To be compared to only himself. In stating that he’s done being Mr. Irrelevant KD has shown us what doesn’t matter. Like: Dropping 46 points in the Rookie v. Sophomore Challenge game, becoming the youngest player ever to win an NBA Scoring title or reaching the NBA Finals, only to fall short. His career is like a two-sided coin; He’s done so much, yet done so little. But no one is a bigger critic on Kevin Durant than Kevin Durant. The sky’s the limit for this kid and soon he will reach into the clouds of Hall of Fame-Greatness.


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